Dr. Sven Bostyn

Dr. Sven Bostyn is one of the European authorities in the field of Intellectual Property Law in general and its relation to biotechnological inventions in particular. He is an Associate Professor of Biomedical Innovation Law at the Center for Advanced Studies in Biomedical Innovation Law, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen. He also lectures at the Institute for Information Law (IVIR) of the University of Amsterdam and is a Visiting Professor (chargé de cours invité) at the Université de Liège. He is also a regular lecturer on CEIPI courses in Strasbourg. He has published widely on biotechnological inventions and is co-editor of the Journal of International Biotechnology Law.

Dr. Bostyn is a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee at the Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences (Gene Patents Committee) and the Expert Group of the European Commission (DG Internal Market and DG Research) for the evaluation of Directive 98/44/EC.

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