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​4iP Council welcomes 3 new legal interns

01 October 2020

Continuing our commitment to education and intellectual property

As part of its continuing commitment to intellectual property education, 4iP Council is delighted to welcome three new interns today. The interns will support 4iP Council over the next six months with forthcoming research work and existing communications projects.

Carolina Torres-Sarmiento is a lawyer who graduated from Universidad del Rosario in Colombia. Currently, she is an LL.M candidate in Intellectual Property and Competition Law from the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center in Germany. Her background combines research and practice in public and private Law. Her research interest also focuses on exploring the intersections and gaps between IP and emerging technologies.

Julia Ribeiro Andere de Brito is a brazilian lawyer graduated from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie with years of experience in IP litigation, supporting business with contractual matters and solving IP and related fields’ legal issues. She recently completed her LL.M. at Munich Intellectual Property Law Center in Germany, where she had the opportunity to deepen her knowledge of intellectual property, broaden her experience with competition law and, ultimately, better understand the interrelation between both areas.

Tarcila Sousa Matos is a graduate from Universidade Católica do Salvador in Brazil who has just completed a Master of Laws (LLM) program in Intellectual Property and Competition Law in Germany. She has experience in litigation, legal advisory and legal research and writing in both private and public law. Now she is eager to add IP practice to her background and improve her knowledge on the field. Her main interests are the intersections between new technologies and IP and competition law.